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Cutting apples, pears, guavas into perfect slices is such a troublesome work! We try our level best still, we never get perfect slices. Moreover, we end up hurting our hands. Don”t we? Well, this apple cutter has extremely sharp blades, which within two – three seconds cuts the apples into equal 8 pieces. Additionally, it moves smoothly across the fruit and removes the core from the fruits. While using this apple cutting cutters there is no risk of cutting your finger. This kitchen aid apple cutter is made out of high-grade food plastic, which takes care of the health of you and your family. It is very sturdy and is made out of thick material. The blades in the cutter are in a radial pattern with central hole, which helps to exclude the seeds from the slices. This cutter is compact in size and light in weight that easily fits into your kitchen drawer and cabinets without occupying much space. This fashionable fruit cutter and slicer come with two solid handles for firm grip which adds while slicing.



  • Color: Green
  • Blade Material: Stainless steel.
  • Blade Dia.: 9.1cm.
  • Corer Dia.: 14cm.
  • Get precise slices and remove the core all in one easy motion with an Apple Slicer Corer.
  • No more awkward fumbling around with a knife, trying to remove part of the core from every piece.
  • With the Apple Slicer Corer’s blades, you get 8 equal ready-to-eat slices.
  • It’s easy-grip handles provide maximum leverage for cutting through the apple,
  • And its stainless steel construction allows for easy clean-up.
  • This small gadget is suitable for cutting and slicing such fruits as apples and pears.

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