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Reusable Cockroach Trapper Tool

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Reusable Cockroach Trapper Tool

Patented Product Used for trapping cockroaches. This trap does NOT contain toxic materials. Free of harmful pesticides, Repetitive, to be valid for a period of ten years, with low price and high quality, According to the cockroach habits design, put bait, cockroaches smell the smell of food, will climb in along the moving door, will not come out. with one-way movable door design, it is easy to enter and difficult to exit, which prevents cockroaches from escaping. this cockroach catcher is made of plastic and metal, solid, which is wear-resistant and durable. with close top cap design, locking catcher of this cockroach catcher is not loose. this cockroach catcher is applicable for four moving gates, multi-directional cockroach capture.

1. this trap shouldn’t be placed in areas frequented by ants,as cockroaches fear of ants.
2. please do not separate from the superstructure and the middle before put the cockroaches to death,otherwise they may escape.

1.Open the packaging and take apart into its constituent pieces
2.Put cockroaches favorite food in middle groove. (eg. biscuit, crisps)
3.Assembled three pieces into a whole
4.Placed in areas frequented by cockroaches (eg. under furniture & equipment)
5.After the trapping.

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