Microfiber 360

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Microfiber 360 Rotating Mop

  • Convenient:
    The spray mop can 360-degree rotation, lightweight and easy to use, green health, safe and pollution-free, no use electricity, do not hurt the hand.
  • Saving Money and Environmentally Friendly:
    Spray mop the panel has four holes, is used to hold the fabric, you can use dust free non-woven fabrics, rags, towels, and out of the T-shirt, easy to get, and very economical, very energy-saving.
  • Suitable for a Variety of Floor:
    Use our floor mop dry as a dust mop for cleaning dirt, dog, cat, and other pet hair or use as a wet mop to clean hardwood, vinyl, linoleum, cement, tile, marble you name it.can clean dirt, dust, hair and moisture and dirt.
  • Easy Steps:
    According to your needs,in the storage bottle into a certain amount of water,load up to 600ML, spray mop top has a spray switch, gently pinch, you can spray, without repeated re-washing,5 minutes to get 120 square meters,the steps are simple,let you no longer afraid to do housework.
  • Spray and Multi-function Use:
    The floor mop, polymer fine nozzle, instant atomization, fan-shaped spray, no extra water, saving water, will not hurt the floor.Adding liquid to the storage bottle, you can add some white vinegar, disinfectant, essential oil, cleaning fluid, perfume and so on.

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