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6 side Vegetable Grater – Silver

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6 side Vegetable Grater With minimal effort, you can perfectly shred and slice cheese and vegetables. Get creative and make dinner exciting again by the grating, slicing and making fresh zest to take your meals to another level. Shred vegetables or a block of cheese in no time with this wonderful product that is effective and durable. This professional version has a contoured shape that is wider than our original grater and makes grating cheese and soft foods easy and also allows for a greater holding capacity.


6 side Vegetable Grater

  • Fine. Good for citrus zest and Parmesan
  • Course. Good for cheese and vegetables
  • Ultra-Course. Good for soft cheese
  • Parmesan. Good for Parmesan and chocolate
  • Shaver. Good for chocolate and Parmesan
  • Slicer. Good for a variety of vegetables
  • Plus one calibrated and dry measuring unit on one side

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