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Revoflex Xtreme Workout Set

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Revoflex Xtreme Workout Set

It’s time to put all self-consciousness and lame excuses to bed and get fit without leaving your home. With this REVOFLEX XTREME SET, you can tone your abs, chest, arms and almost every other part of your body imaginable with an all-encompassing workout kit. Pull the hose may come off, according to the strength of self-regulation movement Use foam latex Rally grip, improve the use of comfort Latex Rally strength webbing connecting metal buckle, very durable, with arbitrary Available doors, equipment, and another fixed point to do, easy to use. Intense, light and effortless abdominal training! Revoflex Xtremetrains with the Revoflex Extreme just 5 minutes a day and you will achieve tremendous results. Abdominal muscles, back muscles, arm muscles, shoulder muscles, thigh muscles, and glutes are trained at once.

Increase endurance and strength in your core, abs, back, and more with the multi-functional Ab Wheel Roller and Resistance Band. With over 30 possible workouts, the at-home workout equipment makes staying in shape easy and convenient. Bring life and variety to your daily workout routine! Product Details: ➣ AB wheel roller has 4 wheels ➣ Green & Black ➣ Works out your abs, legs, arms, back, and shoulders ➣ The padding is xtra thick for your knees ➣ Drawstring can be adjusted to your liking ➣ Skid-proof wheels ➣ High elasticity & strong rubber rope ➣ Offers better balance and support when rolling than normal rollers with durable construction and quality materials


Revoflex Xtreme Workout Set

  • Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
  • Material: ABS+PP+EVA
  • Size:16*43*5m
  • Perform up to 40 different exercises
  • Provides up to 6 levels of training
  • Shapes your body quickly, easily
  • Resistance workout at home
  • Compact design for good portability
  • Two easy-grip handles works as guides
  • Works every major upper body
  • Muscle group and your abdomen
  • 6 Training Levels and 40 Exercises
  • Intense, Light, Effortless Abdominal Training

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