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Medium size Alarm Lock – Black

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Medium size Alarm Lock

The Good Medium size Alarm Lock! The SIREN alarmof this lock will ensure top class security for your Household or Motorbike. When this lock is vibrated twice within 5 seconds, the alarm will sound.

Have peace of mind when stepping outdoors or moving away from your valuable belongings. The Security Pad Lock with Smart Alarm Motion Sensor is a utilitarian device suitable for attachment on garden sheds, garages, houses, caravans, gates, vehicles and more. It ensures reliable protection of your precious entities with its built-in safety system that activates the alarm automatically the moment an intruder tampers with the lock. An encroacher might just attempt to break the lock with a wrong key or attempt to directly bang on the lock, in such scenarios, this Security Pad Lock will initially ring a warning beep with little meddling movements followed by the proper alarm ring with heavy banging/breaking force.


Medium size Alarm Lock

  • Suitable for bike and home use
  • This will restrict illegal touch on your property
  • False alarm protected, will not right uselessly
  • Special made for bike security
  • Made of Stainless Steel, very hard to break
  • Usable as both alarm lock or normal lock
  • Long lasting battery, runs a long time
  • Battery is available to replace
  • One battery free when you buy

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