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Digital Table Clock – Wooden

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Digital Table Clock

Rectangular Digital Table Clock displays Time, Date and Temperature alternately. It displays 12/24 Hr format and Celsius/Fahrenheit temperature format. This clock has LED display which is easily visible during the day and night. Display can be set to be Sound activated. In this mode display will turn off after 15 seconds (Clock’s still working). You clap hands/make a sound/simply touch the clock to activate the display to read time. If it is only powered by batteries it drains quickly(Works around a day). It is highly recommended to use USB charging cable to power the clock.


Digital Table Clock

  • Power with mobile charger (not included) for continuous Display. Battery supports just for 8 Hrs to 12 Hrs.
  • Dimensions: L 15 cm x H 7 cm x W 4 cm. Stylish and Portable Digital LED Alarm clock displays 12hr/24hr Time, Date and Temperature C/F alternately. It has Alarm feature with “beep” lasting for 1 minute.
  • Sound Control Mode:You can set the clock in voice mode in which the display gets active when you clap your hands, tap on the table or patting the clock nearby, or you can set the clock display ON always.
  • It is powered with USB charging cable which comes with package. This clock requires 4 AAA batteries (not included with product). These batteries can be used just for backup and not for continuous usage. For daily use it is advisable only to use USB charger.

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