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AWEI Y669 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (31 Watt)

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AWEI Y669 Bluetooth Speaker

The benefits of Awei Y669 WirelessSpeaker are numerous and varied. They connect wirelessly to yoursmartphone, tablet, or other device, so there are not any additional wires, oranything else, that you simply got to make them work. Most also are fairly portable,making them easy to require them to the park, the beach, or anyplace else that agroup of individuals might want to concentrate to music together.
The fact that Awei Y669 Wireless Speakercan betaken nearly anywhere also means they’re usually pretty sturdy, designedto be utilized in environment where other speakers might be easily damaged. Dropthem within the sand, allow them to get covered in dust within the garage, it doesn’tmatter, most Bluetooth speakers will keep getting into nearly any environment.


AWEI Y669 Bluetooth Speaker

  • Play mode : Bluetooth /Aux
  • Speaker power :RMS 5Wx2+15W’1
  • Charging voltage :5v 1A
  • Battery Capacity: 2200mah/7.4V
  • Working hour 12hrs
  • Charging time :4 hours
  • IPX7 level
  • TWS Function Dual speaker 31W
  • Waterproof
  • Aux in Microphone
  • Usb charging port
  • Bluetooth indicator With lanyard

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