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Mini Beauty Replenishment Humidifier AC Fan

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Features & Compatibility

Mini Beauty Humidifier AC Fan

1. When using the product, USB charging port of DC5V voltage, the red light indicates charging, after filling out the lights When

2. ON / OFF switch is turned on, long bright blue light for the battery indicator

3. Control key third gear loop, click the fan, according to two under for the fog, press three times for the wind plus fog

4. When using the built-in automatic spray set to 1H, need to continue to use water after heavy press the start button

5. Battery life: spray 5H, fan 7H, wind fog 3H +


Mini Beauty Humidifier AC Fan

  • Brand new and high quality
  • Light weight and durable
  • It is compact, easy to carry
  • Increases the humidity of the indoor space in winter to reduce static electricity hazard
  • Can purify air, eliminate static electricity, reduce dust
  • Drop in several drops of natural essential oil and perfume into the water

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