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Kitchen oil resistant Stricker

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Kitchen oil resistant Stricker:

It is made of high-quality oil-proof and moisture-proof tin foil paper. It is a small helper in the kitchen. It is convenient and convenient. It can be attached to the cabinet paste the table paste the stove paste the cupboard paste the drawer and so on. It can effectively prevent the intrusion of moisture water and oil. The oil can be easily wiped off with a wet wipe and cannot penetrate. The material is soft and has protective effects on cabinets utensils and drawers. The back of the aluminum foil comes with strong viscous glue which is firmly bonded long service life and more durable. This product uses high-quality oil-proof and moisture-proof tin foil paper and is waterproof to make oil stains difficult to penetrate. It is the perfect companion for the daily countertop oil in the kitchen.


Kitchen oil resistant Stricker

  • Product Type : Kitchen Foil
  • (39 inch /24 inch )
  • Oil on kitchen walls or cabinets is not likely to be dirt or dirt
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