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Instant Hot Water Shower only Head Heater -(White)

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Instant Hot Water Shower

The Instant Hot Water Shower is generic horizon Ultra- Suitable mainly for those who live in regions where the water has characteristics that speed up metal corrosion and reduce the useful life of the regular heating element. Order your Ultra- Instant from Jumia and have it delivered straight to your doorstep. Maximum comfort and a pleasurable bath from well-known wall mounted shower heads with a big spreader delivering a larger bathing area for an amazing water jet. Perfect for every bath, through it electronic temperature control allowing a gradual and precise selection. Simple like adjusting the volume of your radio.


Instant Hot Water Shower

  • Water saving:
    open and heat, open the switch, hot water for 0.5 seconds, fast and convenient, to meet the fast-paced fashion life needs.
  • Power saving:
    It adopts the real terminal heating method, no need for preheating and heat preservation, no hot water storage, no pipeline loss, and the thermal efficiency of electric energy and heat energy conversion is 99%, which is more cost-effective for you.
  • Step less high temperature, fully automatic control, constant water temperature, no sudden cold and heat, no need to store water, water supply, water and power off, hot and cold water freely switch, third gear switch.
  • Safety:
    professional anti-dry design, hydropower completely high standard forced isolation, multiple safety anti-electric wall, high-sensitivity fuse, over-temperature protection, over-voltage protection (insulation high-voltage 1500V or more) water supply, water and power failure, Provide you with a completely safe and secure shower environment.

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