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High Quality Microwave Oven Storage Racks – Silver

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Microwave Oven Storage Racks

Microwave Oven Storage Racks is a 2 Tier Multipurpose stand shelf for your home. Use it in a kitchen for shelves above the microwave oven or as a general purpose storage rack. The height of the middle shelf can be adjusted according to the height of your microwave oven. The Width can be adjusted between 49cm to 89cm so that your microwave oven can be kept underneath the rack properly. This rack has convenient side hooks for hanging kitchen cloth, oven mitts, gloves and other lightweight kitchen accessories. It is made of good quality ABS and stainless steel material.


Microwave Oven Storage Racks

  • 2 Layer Multipurpose Stand Shelf for Your Kitchen
  • Use it for Shelves Above the Microwave Oven
  • Height and Width Adjustable
  • Easily Fitting Above Most Microwave Ovens
  • Convenient Side Hooks for Hanging Cloth, Oven Mitts
  • Gloves or other Lightweight Kitchen Accessories

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