Folding drying baby racks

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Folding drying baby racks is for any clothes of any fabric. You can use this Laundry Hanger for socks, gym clothes, T-shirts, trousers, dresses, shirts, sweaters, towels, baby clothes and much more. Laundry Drying Rack is made of high-tech durable, yet light steel. Without the fear of the appearance on your clothes of micro-elements that can be due to the emissions of other Folding Drying Rack. It’s especially important if you dry baby clothes on it (children’s skin is more sensitive) and therefore you can use this Sweater Drying Rack perhaps as a Baby Clothes Drying Rack also.


Folding drying baby racks

  • Clothes Drying Rack has extra small storage and large drying space. 11 telescopic tubes.
  • 3 second installation of Laundry Drying Rack without special skills. Accordion construction.
  • Laundry Hanger rack is very usefull for delicate clothes.
  • Portable Drying Rack is made of durable steel. Dry up to 32 lb! Plastic keeps clothes and floor.
  • The upper Drying Rack is suitable for clothes that need a flat drying space.

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