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Digital Quranic learning pen

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Digital Quranic learning pen for everyone man and women

এই প্যাকেজে যা থাকছে।

কেনো সংগ্রহ করবেন কুরআন র্লানিং পেন?

আপনি বা আপনার মা-বাবা কোরআন তিলাওয়াত শুনতে পারবে।

আরবির পাশাপাশি বাংলা অনুবাদ পড়তে ও শুনতে পারবে।

আপনার সন্তান আনন্দের সাথে শিখে দ্বীনমুখী হবে।

৩ জন বিশ্বিষ্ট ক্বারির তিলাওয়াত শুনে চর্চা করতে পারবে।

ইসলামের মৌলিক বিধি বিধান শিখতে পারবে।

যারা ব্যস্ততার কারণে কোরআন শিখতে পারছেন না, তারা খুব সহজে কোরআন শিখতে পারবেন।

The Digital Quran Learning Pen is an amazing technology that makes Quran reading, learning, understanding and memorizing very easy. No matter your level of Quran reading, you will benefit greatly from this amazing device. Young or old, Arab or non-Arab, beginner or master, the Quran Learning Pen is one device that will make you wonder how you ever lived without it. These are MP3 digital devices, the size of an Iphone which are purpose built for listening and reciting the Quran such as the Al-Fatih digital quran. Some come in the form of pointers that are interactive.

Quran Learning Pen Improves reading skills for all learners – Maintains the flow of reading as students & non-Arabic people encounter unfamiliar words.  Use the Quran Learning Pen as your reading assistant anywhere, any time. This versatile device may improve Holy Quran Reciting skills dramatically. Twenty-two languages around the world can learn the Quran. Makkasariphera respected imam Al-Qari’s renowned sudaisasaha 10 telaoyata you can listen to the Quran. Respected Islamic scholar Zakir Naik Quran Sharif in Bengali means dajakira hear.A reading of the holy Quran pen. A basic knowledge of the Quran wheels. All surasaha a book, you can read through the pen. A tile counter, through which you are able to Biden.


Digital Quran learning pen

  • This Al-Quran You may read manually also
  • The different options such as you can change the voice or language
  • This package has 114 suras you can read with the pen
  • The pen has a built-in lithium battery
  • This al Quran has a leather carry case

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