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Adjustable Hand Grip Exerciser

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Adjustable Hand Grip Exerciser

This Adjustable Hand Grip Exerciser is a compact and portable fitness equipment that you can use to build muscle strength forearm. The gripper hand can be used anywhere, when you are sitting at your desk, waiting for congestion , or even on a treadmill. This tool also has a convenient handle that allows you to gripit firmly, comfortable , and practical without requiring additional tools or batteries. Grip strength can improve performance in a variety of sports and hobbies .Athletes typically use this tool to improve their performance in sports. As we know, most sports involve the concept of moving the load or transfer the power of the body through the hands.


Adjustable Hand Grip Exerciser

  • Hand strengthened for the guitar, violin and drum players
  • Better hand strength, endurance, dexterity and forearm muscularity
  • Set of 2 Hand Grips
  • Tone and strengthen hand
  • Light Weight
  • Easy for transportation and Comfortable to use

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